In this Internet Health Report (our fourth!), we reflect on the year that passed to gear up for the work ahead. We include a diagnosis on the current condition of the internet in a slideshow of “Internet Facts and Figures.” Three spotlight articles explore aspects of internet health, data and artificial intelligence through the lenses of racial justice, data and labor in the gig economy, and corporate and algorithmic transparency.

In this edition, we ask over 100 people who care deeply about internet health to share their expertise on what can be done to make the internet healthier. Together, we have compiled a list of 100 healthy and 100 unhealthy moments of 2020. It is an earnest reflection of how we continue to work in concert with each other on various fronts: regulation, activism, technology, policy, and consumer power, to change the internet ecosystem for all.

Since 2017, we have explored what it means for the internet to be healthy in dozens of articles, with input from hundreds of people, based on compilations of research and articles that span across five issues (privacy and security, openness, decentralization, digital inclusion, and web literacy). Our framework invites you to consider different ways the internet impacts our lives and societies, as we look to understand the root causes of problems. We urge you to see the internet as an ecosystem that adapts to actions for good. And if you like what you read here, take a look at our 2017, 2018, and 2019 Internet Health Reports, too.

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This report has four sections, each telling the story of internet health from a specific angle:

  • Our end of year analysis takes a holistic look at internet health based on 2020.
  • Our three spotlight articles are deeper dives into key issues: racial justice and software, labor and data, and social media transparency and accountability.
  • Our people’s review of 2020 is a compilation of healthy and unhealthy stories from over 100 internet health actors from around the world. Mozilla supports being a platform to amplify a wide range of views; the views expressed in the People’s Stories section are those of the individuals and not necessarily Mozilla’s.
  • Our slideshow consists of research and data visuals that expose the numbers and trends behind the stories.

As always, our guiding (and often overlapping) issues for assessing internet health are: privacy and security, openness, digital inclusion, web literacy, and decentralization.

To read the report offline, you can download the articles as a PDF or ePub.


So many researchers, Mozilla fellows, writers, and allies generously contributed data and ideas alongside countless readers.

This report is produced by Mozilla Foundation’s Insights team.

J. Bob Alotta is the VP, Global Programs and the report’s publisher.
Solana Larsen is the report’s editor.
Eeva Moore is the project and engagement manager.
Stefan Baack is the data and research analyst.
Chad Sansing and Laura Vidal are the outreach coordinators.
Kasia Odrozek is the director of Insights.

Contact us: internethealth@mozillafoundation.org

For press inquiries email: kevin@mozillafoundation.org

The creative studio and digital agency Rainbow Unicorn developed the visual design and code, Anna Niedhart is the illustrator, Christian Laesser developed the data visuals, and Agency of None designed the PDF and ePub. Portions of the report will be translated by Global Voices to French and Spanish.

A note about our headline typeface

Originally developed by Rainbow Unicorn for the 2020 Internet Health Report, the Heal The Web typeface is premised on a simple but big idea: heal the web with an experimental, open source typeface designed for everyone. The lettering resembles circuits, connections, and networks through geometric shapes sticking together like an abstract puzzle.

You can download Heal the Web here.

Full list of credits

If you believe your name is missing from this list, just let us know.

  • Abigail Phillips
  • Aleksi Knuutila
  • Alessio Placitelli
  • Alex Tolar
  • Alice Munyua
  • Amanda Lee Gaffar
  • Amy Raikar
  • Andrew Puddephatt
  • Anna Niedhart
  • Arlette Labat
  • Arnold Brown
  • Asa Dotzler
  • Ashley Boyd
  • Audrey Hingle
  • Berhan Taye
  • Bobbie S. Johnson
  • Brandi Geurkink
  • Carlos Iglesias
  • Cathleen Berger
  • Charlton McIlwain
  • Chelsea Barabas
  • Chenai Chair
  • Chistina Colclough
  • Chris Riley
  • Christian Laesser
  • Christian Lorenz
  • Christian Reich
  • Christopher Arnold
  • Christopher De Cairos
  • Christopher Parsons
  • Claire Ulrich
  • Dan Calacci
  • Daniel Kessler
  • Daria Loi
  • Dave Maass
  • Deborah Raji
  • Dhanaraj Thakur
  • Divij Joshi
  • Edoardo Viola
  • Elizabeth Rivera
  • Ellery Biddle
  • Emily Litka
  • Estelle Massé
  • Ethan Zuckerman
  • Eveline Van De Griend
  • Fieke Jansen
  • Funda Ustek Spilda
  • Gabriela Garcia Calderon Orbe
  • Geraldo Barros
  • H. Edward Brown Jr.
  • Hanna Pishchyk
  • Harald Keppler
  • Imelda Luft
  • Irene Misoi
  • Irvin Chen
  • Jacqueline Lu
  • Jacqueline Gallinetti
  • Jakub Kanior
  • James Farrar
  • Jamila Snell
  • Jane Polak Snowcroft
  • Jesse Daniel Mc Crosky
  • Jesse Ward
  • Joe Westby
  • Jofish Kaye
  • Jon Lloyd
  • Juan Barajas
  • Julia Reinhardt
  • Julie Owono
  • Juma Baldeh
  • Justin Francis Bionat
  • Karolina Pietrzyk
  • Kathy Pham
  • Kevin Zawacki
  • Kostas Stathoulopoulos
  • Kristi Arbogast
  • Kristina Shu
  • Kristina Verbo
  • Leonard Haas
  • Lindsay Muscato
  • Lisa Gutermuth
  • Liza Durón Plata
  • Madeleine Maxwell
  • Marc Brinkmeier
  • Marianna Breytman
  • Mark Graham
  • Mark Surman
  • Mathias Vermeulen
  • Matt Mitchell
  • Michelle Thorne
  • Miriam Gauer
  • Mónica Bonilla
  • Naomi Hirst
  • Natalia Krapiva
  • Neema Iyer
  • Nienke Palstra
  • Nora Pollak
  • Nwachukwu Egbunike
  • Oleg Zhilin
  • Owen Bennett
  • Pablo Aguilera
  • Paddy Leerssen
  • Pauline Ratzé
  • Petra Molnar
  • Phia Sanchez
  • Raban von Arnim
  • Raegan MacDonald
  • Rainbow Unicorn
  • Rebecca Ricks
  • Remy Muhire
  • Renata Avila
  • Richard Whitt
  • Rocio Egio
  • Roselyn Odoyo
  • Sabrina Ng
  • Sarah Allen
  • Sarah Kiden
  • Sarah Watson
  • Seun Ojedeji
  • Shreyas Narayanan Kutty
  • Solange Tuyisenge
  • Steve Song
  • Subha Wijesiriwardena
  • Tanvi Vyas
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  • Tilman Porschütz
  • Tom Usher
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  • Udbhav Tiwari
  • Uffa Modey
  • Ulf Behrens
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  • Viktoria Vlasauchuk
  • Will Easton
  • Zeina Abi Assy