An Xiao Mina. Photo used with permission.
An Xiao Mina. Photo used with permission.

An Xiao Mina works on strategy and operations at Meedan. She is the author of Memes to Movements and co-author of the forthcoming Hanmoji Handbook. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, The Economist, NY Times, Columbia Journalism Review, BBC World Service, and others.

What can be done?

We need a new vision for global cooperation that centers on the most marginalized. For too long, much of the internet has been shaped by technologists from Silicon Valley or Shenzhen, and policy makers from DC, Brussels, or Beijing. Capital and politics define our global internet more than most other values while we need to focus on human rights as well as the experiences of those whose lives and livelihoods are the most affected by technology.

An Xiao Mina
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