Jacinta González. Photo used with permission.
Jacinta González. Photo used with permission.

Jacinta González is a senior campaign organizer with Mijente where she worked on the #NoTechForICE campaign. Previously, she worked at PODER in Mexico and led initiatives to protest water contamination and to protect vulnerable and undocumented migrants.

What can be done?

We must always be honest about the real human impacts of technology and the ways it is being used to facilitate human rights violations. This becomes glaringly obvious when we look at the ways technology companies willingly cater their services to law enforcement agencies to strengthen surveillance and targeting of immigrants, communities of color, and other marginalized peoples without recourse. Now is the time to organize a broad movement that reaches across various sectors of our society to call out the role technology companies are playing in human rights abuses, and envision a future where harm and profit are not peddled as innovation.

Jacinta González
US & Canada,  Latin America